Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tess Joins The Family

Tess now has full house dog privileges and gets along with the rest of the gang jut fine. When she arrived for breeding she was already in season, so she moved to the basement. Because almost all of my aquariums are in the basement, I spend a good deal of time there, so she was not bored, and quickly developed an interest in Fishkeeping. Argus is my official Fishkeeping Assistant, following me around, watching fish, and "biting" them through the glass - the bottom row of tank all have nose prints and "bite prints". Tess now does that too.

I introduced her to the others slowly, being especially careful with Coral and Josie who normally get along well with other dogs. Because bitches can be, well, bitchy their introductions were closely supervised. Tess did not care for Josie's pushy, play-with-me attitude at first, but it all worked out just fine, and peace reigns. Because Tess will be with us until after her pups are weaned, she needed to join the group.

Too early to tell if Tess is pregnant, so fingers all tightly crossed!

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