Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time For A Puppy Fix

Not much time for posting as Jess will arrive soon to load the car and we are off to St. Louis. It will be tough to equal last year when Argus won both Specialties and Pauli picked up a Specialty major, a Specialty Reserve and Best In Sweeps. Judges aren't nearly as promising for us this year, but hopefully we have a good time at least. Our departure will be by way of the Repro Vet where Argus will make his second "contribution". So much easier to use shipped chilled semen than to entertain a visiting lady, especially with me laid up for now. Well, guess I am not exactly "laid up" since the cast is certainly not keeping me home! Just keeps me from walking as much as I would like.

Here's a great place to get your puppy fix. These are the Argus/Tess pup at about 4 weeks.

See you next week! Unless I can find a computer and do an update. I am buying a new phone though, as I hate being "unconnected".

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