Friday, June 4, 2010

Furry House Guest

Nope, we don't have mice if that's what the blog title suggested, at least no mice indoors at this time. I've seen a number of Centipedes this week though. UGH. I am not generally a squeamish person, and really enjoy snakes, salamanders, lizards, pet mice & rats, big pet spiders. I keep live bloodworms in the fridge for the dogs. You name it, I covet it. Still arguing with myself over getting a baby Bearded Dragon - that will happen eventually. But Centipedes, oh my! I HATE Centipedes, especially when I find one trapped in the sink when I get up in the morning. The worst was waking up to find one sauntering across my bedroom ceiling. Still sends chills up and down my spine. How to kill him without having him fall down on to me. Eeewwww. Just too gross.

My house guest will be much more attractive, and definitely furrier! Charlie Brown is coming to spend the weekend while his folks go camping. He'll get some intensive show training while he's here, and Jess really wants to get him ready for a Specialty this month. I humored her, and entered him, but will not hold my breath. Some dogs are naturals though and require less work than others. However, he will need to learn about gaiting on a leash, standing to be examined, and will also need to accept having his bite and his testicles checked, things not always easy for year old boys. At least he has excellent crate manners and is an experienced traveler. I've asked that his owner take him back through a basic obedience class, just as a refresher. Charlie is very well socialized, and because his owners are runners, he is also fit and well exercised which help a great deal. Charlie was sold "with stings". A pet dog at a pet price, but I reserved the right to show him at my expense if he turned out well. Actually, he turned out better than I had anticipated!

Bless the Salvation Army, they took the old furniture yesterday and I finally had a chance to put my living room together. Furniture looks fabulous, but I am not real happy with the new carpet. Guess it will take some getting used to. Next project will be the dining room which will require a new ceiling and new wallpaper. Perhaps one room a year is enough and I can put this off for awhile longer. I'd rather work with the yard, the dogs and the fish.

Picked up some new fish last night. Betta bellica is a species of wild Betta. Our speaker last night brought along some really nice fish for the auction and I was pleased to pick these up. Also a bag of lovely new Cichlids which I did not need, but took pity on. They should be gorgeous as adults, if they don't kill one another. New livebearers arriving today, Xiphophorus xiphidium, the Spiketail Platy, another wild livebearer. Not quite sure where I will put them, but suspect the young Firemouths will have to join their parents in the 55 gallon tank. Also got another batch of bloodworms so hope to get the Goo Obo Gudgeons and Betta picta in spawning mode. And now to decide which fish will summer outside in the pond.

The Showy Ladyslipper bloomed this week. Hope to post a picture tomorrow.

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