Sunday, September 5, 2010

New And Improved Google?

Yeah, right. It did not recognize me this morning. Same User ID, same Password, but it no longer knew me. And the Password was not the problem - it was the User ID which had not changed. Oh well. I finally got in after ten minutes of frustration. Every time something gets improved, it's a real pain to deal with. Same way at work - upgrades over the weekend means problems on Monday. Facebook has been running smoothly for quite awhile, so I imagine they will be making changes (improvements?) again there soon.

Had a great day at the fair - absolutely perfect weather. We went in the morning and beat the crowds, but by the time we left the place was packed, more crowded than I have ever seen it. Didn't try any of the new foods-on-a-stick, just the standard mini-donuts, cheese curds, and the BEST fries. Must be from hanging around with Ron for all these years. I'm losing my spirit of adventure! The Ecco building gets better every year, and the Education building was good as always. We always enjoy the old tractors and did the skyride this year which was fun, As usual, we did the Park & Ride which saves so much time and aggravation.

Have to admit that the one thing I hate about the Fair is seeing all the FAT people, especially all the fat teenagers. What a shame! What kind of future will they have health-wise, and how will it affect our health care system in future years? Shame on their parents, the school system, and all the advertisers, but they also need to take some personal responsibility. Being very curmudgeonly on this issue, I feel that people who insist in living lifestyles proven to be potentially damaging to their health - no seat belts, no helmets for motorcyclists, smoking, alcoholism, drug use and especially obesity, should pay higher premiums. There, I said it! Not a politically correct point of view, but one that I'm sure is shared by many.

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Anonymous said...

I found myself looking for the "like" button on your last paragraph! LOL!! Good luck to Argus & you at the show today!