Friday, December 24, 2010

T'was The Day Before Christmas . . .

and all was madness & confusion as Sue tried to get everything ready for Christmas.

Whew, good that I'm not entertaining this year as I seem to be less organized than usual.  Calls from Ginger about Westminster tickets, from Laurie about this & that, and from Paula about when we will meet so I can pick up Patrick & Eddie.  Oops, better touch base with mom too about when we will pick her up tomorrow. 

Got the fabulous sweet potatoes done for tomorrow.  All that is left is to bake them and to add the mini marshmallows and pecans.  Had a momentary meltdown as I tried to figure out where the vanilla might be.  Ah, in my tackbag, but that's another story.  As I took out the tackbag Argus got all excited, thinking that he was going to a dog show.  Sorry buddy, not for another month.  As I took my bag of pecans out of the freezer where they have lived for a long time, I noted that the bag indicated that they were best if used by June 2008.  Oh, well.  They taste just fine, especially once they are toasted.  Obviously I need to bake a bit more often!

Next on the agenda is chopping cranberries & draining crushed pineapple.  I'll add sugar and put the mixture in the fridge until tomorrow when I add whipped cream.  A family favorite we NEVER have except at Christmas.

OK, then I get to finish wrapping gifts, mostly dog gifts, so everyone has something to open tomorrow.  Told them they were getting a new nail grinder for Christmas (sort of like coal in your stocking) but I have not picked one up yet.  Am sure they don't mind waiting on that gift.

Christmas Eve with Ron's brother Bob and his family and friends.  Christmas Day with my mother, Ron, Jess & Don at my sister's.  Kris is working 12 hours today (hard to turn down overtime) so hopefully her husband Bob and son Erik can fill in on the basics.  Kris is doing the turkey, dressing, and potatoes, mom is bringing the pie, Ron bought the wine, and Jess and I are bringing the salads and vegetable, rolls, condiments and such. 

Now, if Mother Nature would just do her part.  Kris lives in rural Wisconsin, down a long and winding road (hey, that would make a nice song) that will be a bugger if it is snow-covered and slippery.  A little sun would be welcome!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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Kim said...

Merry Christmas Sue & Paisley pups!

It probably goes without saying that Derby has been the best (early) Christmas present ever - can't thank you enough for your help with him! I've also ordered a new cordless Dremel that should be here on Monday. I'm sure my guys will be equally thrilled.

Enjoy your holiday!

Kim, Derby, Peyton & Indy