Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Shall I just step over that fence?

Watson is wondering if he should just step over the fence and leave the dog yard.   Snow is so high he certainly could, but no one has yet.  If Mariah was home, she probably would, she's at that age, but the others respect fences they could easily walk over and into the rest of the yard.  Think some shoveling is in order tonight, to reduce the temptation!

Yesterday was Ron's birthday and we went out for a nice dinner at LaGrolla, an excellent Italian restaurant in St. Paul.  They have a small bar next to the kitchen and we enjoy sitting there and watching all the activity.   In my next life I will be involved in the industry - as a food critic or writer, restaurant owner, or perhaps as a chef.  I've always found such things fascinating.  We had a particularly good server last night, which always adds to a positive dining experience.  Although we almost never have dessert when we eat out (sure saves on the calories) we had Tiramisu last night, and I brought home most of my pasta - I'll have an excellent lunch for the next two days!  Ron said he didn't want dessert but he ate at least half of mine.  Knew he would!

A friend asked if this was a Special Birthday for Ron.  I assured her that NO birthdays were special at his age.  In retrospect though, perhaps ALL birthdays are special since they mean you are still alive!

As it currently stands we will NOT be entertaining the California girl who is being bred to Argus, and we'll do chilled semen instead.  I would have enjoyed having her here, but she probably would not have enjoyed our weather!   Hopefully we can get the collection/shipment done before we are due to leave for St. Louis, but have the name of a backup vet in St. Louis if we need to go that route.  With two free weekends before St. Louis, and two or three free weekends after St. Louis, it would really have been nice if she'd waited, but that was not to be and we will get this worked out.

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