Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full House

Mariah's back and the house is certainly lively and she and Eddie race around like lunatics.  She spent a week with Lisen & Jerry, their Brittany and a cat.  We call these visits "camping", and they are very good for young dogs.  Makes them more self relient and confident - important for young showdogs-to-be.  Mariah's looking good right now, moving much better than she did a month ago.  Now she just needs to GROW.  Such a peanut she is.  Rawfed pups grow more slowly than kibble-fed pups, so I am used to that.  I just wonder what size she'll end up.  Both Argus & Sugar are very average sized Dals, but Argus had at least one small sister, and there is a lot of variation in size in this breed.  Because Josie is taller than the boys, and Coral is about the same size as Argus & Watson, Mariah looks like a midget around here.  I suppose she is due for a growth spurt. I HOPE she is due for a growth spurt! 

It's hard to watch promising puppies grow up as very few grow up "all in one piece" and most go through stages.  She's almost old enough to show, but no where near ready for that.  Hopefully in time for the National in May.

Lucy is supposed to arrive this evening and it will be crazy here then!  She'll go to Jess tomorrow morning for training and conditioning, and Eddie will leave for Canada with Lucy's family on Tuesday.  Hope I survive that long!


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