Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The yard looks pretty weird right now

Posts are set and a temporary fence is up.  It consists of light-weight mesh fencing between our yard and the neighbor's and old exercise pens strung along the alley.  The side fence is strong enough to keep the neighbor's Westie from wandering into my yard, and the ex-pen creates a boundary.  Now at least the dogs can be off leash with supervision, and all approved of the change..

Being without my fence sure leaves me feeling vulnerable.  I particularly miss the chain link along the side of my house, and double-check the lock on the side door every time I walk by.   Argus has been told that he must be extra vigilent until the fence is replaced.  It's uncomfortable having my yard open to the alley, but it did provide the opportunity for a nice chat with a pleasant neighbor from across the alley who I haven't spoken to in several years - privacy fences DO have some disadvantages.

It's been three days now and no sign of some virulent form of e coli, BUT I will not be eating medium-rare burgers at a bar anytime soon.  Thanks for your concern.

The morning got off to an early start as we have a "required" meeting at work at 7:30 - my normal starting time is 8:00.  Because the legislative session ended with no budget in place, lay off notices go out next week, effect July 1.  Presumably the meeting concerns that situation.  In a better world, the new accounting system would NOT go live on July 1 as it will just make everything so much more difficult when we finally come back.  Hopefully the Governor stands his ground on this, and if we go out EVERYONE goes out, except for those jobs required for our safety - patrol officers and prison guards come to mind.  Although no one can afford to be out of work for weeks, everyone is preparing for it.  Yesterday we were discussing the projects we have lined up for the enforced vacation.   LOTS I could do around here, as long as I would not have to spend any money to do them.

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