Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Digging

Argus winning his 3rd Award Of Merit

One of the memorable things from DCA this year was all the compliments received on my attire.  I am not a shopper, and normally dress very casually, but this year I had two spectacular outfits to wear.  The one worn for the Top Twenty included a gold-sequined jacket.  It had been purchased for the previous year's Top Twenty, but I had to sit that one out with my broken ankle.  The long jacket worn for Best of Breed judging retailed for more than $300.00, but like the Top Twenty outfit it came from a next-to-new shop, and cost less than $20.00 - and came with the tags still on it!  A black/red/brown/gold Paisley pattern, with metallic threads.  Such fun!

Another night spent digging in the yard, but we are almost there.  Tonight I'll do some transplanting as the dog yard will get a bit larger and include an area currently planted with Hostas and elderly Asiatic Lilies - given to me by my brother's girlfriend almost 40 years ago!

Reebok will go home to Rosie for a couple of weeks.  Don't need an extra dog here while my fence is down.  It will be tough enough managing the regulars with no fence.  She'll be back in June, pups due in July.

Odd, Spell Check does not include the word Hosta/hosta.  How stramge.

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Laura Kiedaisch said...

Hey, Sue- Any signs of the return of Audrey this year? Heaven help you if you have to move HER!
Take care- Laura