Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell To Virgil Arbok

Virgil and Letty
Virgil leaves for his new home tonight.  He'll be living with a couple of adult dogs, a Dal girl & a Weim girl.  He's a very handsome fellow with a mind of his own.  He's not the lap sitting sort, but is friendly and brave - and a bit stubborn.  Fortunately he's a chow hound too and will do almost anything for food!

This weekend I will make the puppy pen smaller and dig out a couple of puppy crates as it's time for Letty & Lucas to eat in dog crates rather than from a communal bowl.  I'll wait a bit longer before I start crating them at night, since that would probably mean getting up with them at night and I'm not ready to do that yet!  By ten weeks they'll be sleeping in separate crates. 

Lots to be done with them this weekend too.  Separate car trips with visits to Petco or Chuck & Don's.  Leash walks through the neighborhood.  Finding some kids for them to interact with.  We'll also work on restraint exercises and begin teaching sit and down. They both know their names, and respond quickly to the high pitched "puppy puppy" call I use when I feed them, so we will also start working on recalls.
The adult Dals have been very good with the pups, so the pups will get more free time in the family room.  Josie sometimes get a bit boisterous and the pups dive under the dog bed to avoid her dancing feet, but for the most part it works just fine.   It's too hard to work on house training three, but Lucas & Letty will start learning house manners this weekend, since I can easily tuck one pup under each arm.  At least for now!  They're growing fast though!

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