Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pups Are Such Fun

Missed my blogging yesterday, but the computer is being so difficult that sometimes it's just not worth the fight.  It's a 4 1/2 year old Gateway and has given me good service, but is coming to the end of its usable life, I suspect.  All my stuff if backed up in case of a crash, but the biggest problem right now is when it shuts itself off and is almost impossible to turn it back on.

Letty is doing very well as an only pup.  She's moved to a crate in the kitchen and we'll take down the puppy pen this weekend.  She's been in the pen at night up until last night, but moved upstairs for the whole night and did just fine, no fussing at all.  House training is going extremely well, with only a couple of accidents, and those were our fault because someone was not paying attention.  She's very good about doing her business outdoors, and it catching on to using the dog yard rather than the lawn.

Jess will be driving the Crupens (Cruise/Penny pups) down for BAER testing on Saturday, then stop by so we can do another set of puppy pictures.   Letty will enjoy having someone her own size to play with, although she's doing well with Argus and Josie.

Another adventure coming up on Sunday when Letty goes along to Jess and Don's and stays in the outdoor run with her little cousins while we go for lunch and wine tasting.  It will be good for her to be a dog for a few hours, and I want her to meet the Shepherds as she has very little experience with other breeds and is pretty intimidated.  The Shepherd girls have been very good with Jess's pups, so they'll be perfect for introducing Letty to strange dogs - or wolves!

Pups are such fun!

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