Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Weekend Gone

Breakfast with mom
Monday always comes too soon it seems, but as my life dashes by so quickly the weekend will be here again almost as quickly.  Where does time go?  Why does it seem as if the carousel of my life is spinning faster and faster?  How can we all be this old? 

Hard to believe I have survived six decades - six decades!  That's a lot of years.  I feel pretty much the same as I have for many years, I'm on no medications except eye drops, and can still do the important (to me) things like running a lively Dal around the ring, driving long distances, and keeping abreast of technology.   Taking my mother to breakfast is always a reminder to take care of myself, and to enjoy these things for as long as I possibly can.  It won't last forever . . .

It's my apple!
Friday evening was spent packing and labeling things to take to the fish club auction.  Saturday was spent at the auction and it was a long long day.  When I left at 6:30 there were STILL things to be auctioned off.  Just an amazing number of bags of fish and plants, buckets and boxes of supplies, and tanks large and small.  Most of my things sold well, some extra fish and lots of equipment I am not using, including a large tank.  Not sure that I broke even, as I purchased quite a few fish and a few plants, but the day's entertainment was not very costly overall.  It was fun to catch up with fishkeeping friends I had not seen in some time.    Saturday evening was spent getting the new fish all settled in.  I still have tank space, so many hang out on Aquabid from time to time.

Argus enjoyed another Dog Park Sunday and spent the time running hard with with Huskies and Labradors.  He sure had fun, and it's good for him to run long and hard.  We try to keep all the dogs fit, and we do a lot of walking, but the yard is small and living in the city there are few places where dogs can run safely - and legally.   Although I pay the same taxes as golfers, there is never enough money in the city's budget to follow up on the proposed Dog Parks.  I would willingly pay fees to run my dogs in a safe and convenient park.   A section of the Highland Golf Course would make a fine Dog Park!

Took mom to breakfast and had a nice time.  She really enjoys getting out, and lives on the way back from the Dog Park, so I can pick her up and leave Argus in the car while we eat.  He waits patiently, knowing that Dog Park Sunday always includes a treat for him, either part of my White Castle Breakfast Sandwich or in this case half of the lovely scrambled egg, ham & cheddar in in a Lefse wrap (it's a Scandanavian restaurant and bakery).

Jess and Don came by with Meribel, the little brownie girl who was up in Canada while Lucy was down here to be shown last weekend.  She's very cute, and will help them survive the winter as 12-year old German Shepherd Simmie struggles with age related issues, and 5-year old Shepherd Pepper battles cancer. Meribel's function is likely to be Therapy Dog for Jess and Don I'm afraid, but cheerful happy pups are such fun! 

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