Monday, October 31, 2011

A Scare At The Dog Park

Faithful Josie
We had a scare on Sunday when Argus was body slammed by a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the Dog Park.  No malice intended, they just "ran over" Argus, rolled him, but he came up screaming.  Argus was up ahead of me at the time, greeting new arrivals to the park, but the minute I heard the shriek I knew it was Argus.  One of the other dog owners restrained him until I got there, in case he was seriously hurt, so I ran up to find a person sitting on the ground with her arms around Argus.  He was pretty shook up, and full of dirt and sand, but walked back to the car under his own steam.   Palpating him didn't identify any sore spots, so I put him in his crate, gave him a drink, and we went to White Castle for a breakfast sandwich.

I tried to keep him quiet yesterday, but he was having none of that, and he did not appear to be lame.  A little bit slower getting up and down was about all.  I need to work him for a few minutes this morning - we were not very conscientious about training this past week - and we'll see if he's at all stiff on fronts and finishes.  That's the reason I did not do things like this while I was showing Argus.  Couldn't take a chance of him getting hurt then, but nothing is without risk and he loves going to the Dog Park.

Apple pie with Granny on Friday.  Excellent pie made with Harrelson apples.  It was even better for breakfast the next day, as she sent the leftovers home with us.  She showed me the pastry cloth and roller cover she used when rolling out the crust and noted that "someone" should inherit it and continue to make pie.  It better go to my sister Kris or daughter Jessica!   Although I love eating homemade pie, I have no interest in making it.  A good casserole or interesting veggie dish is more my thing.

Letty and I did our puppy socializing at a couple of pet stores yesterday.  One of them is also one of my favorite aquarium stores.  We stopped there to pick up some algae wafers, but also came out with a new fish - a Dragon Goby, a long snake-like fish with huge jaws.  He went into a tank with larger fish, just in case he decided to sample his tankmates.  It's never wise to purchase a fish without reading up on it's needs first.  Definitely an impulse purchase on my part, but I'll give him a good home.  My fish normally live a long time and I have a number of 5-7 year old fish.  I need to do some reading though.

A few good puppy homes are still needed for Nati's litter in Ohio.

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