Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppy Plans

Waiting to hear if "Sparkle" is coming sometime this week.  Sparkle is one of the James/Nati pups in Ohio and she may be joining our family shortly.  She was my favorite pup in the litter, and still needs a home.  Her breeders are keeping the beautiful black-spotted girl, and because we had no one waiting for a beautiful liver girl, Sparkle will be coming here, at least for now.  I normally have people waiting for livers, but this time my reservations are for blacks.  Sparkle has a lovely liver brother and sister still waiting for just the right homes.  Don't you need a pup to sit on your lap during the cold winter evenings?

Because Sparkle has been with her littermates for 12 weeks, I feel it's important that she get some "only puppy" time, so Letty will be going off to stay with my daughter Jess and her Dal pup Meribel.  Letty and Meribel should have a wonderful time racing around the huge yard, and will no doubt sleep very well.  Have to say I am going to miss Letty a lot, but Sparkle deserves some special time.

In December Letty will go up to Canada to stay with Lucy and her family, possibly until after Lucy is bred, assuming she comes in on schedule.  Knowing how late Lucy came in last time, I'm guessing she won't be on schedule this time either, but Letty can go back up to stay while Lucy is down here being bred to Agility star Indie.   I find myself getting very attached to the lovely Miss Letty.  Although I generally prefer Dal boys, this little girl is something special! 

Argus is doing very well in his obedience class and would do even better if I trained him more often!  Now that the basement is all cleaned up, I actually have a place to train.  Not a lot of room down there for heeling, but no excuse not to work on straight sits, fronts and finishes.  It's the little things that make the difference in your obedience score, and straight sits and fronts, and snappy finishes are important.  I've even reserved "ring time" at the training facility for the next two Saturdays.  A big ring with good footing (and no squirrels) is helpful!

I continue to work on the fishroom, getting all the glass tops scrubbed, and the lights replaced on the planted tanks (fluorescent lights need periodic replacement if plants are to grow properly).  The fish are not neglected during the summer, but the fishroom is more appealing this time of the year.  The temperature is always about 78 to 80 degrees in there, which feels very good when the temps outside are in the "ugly range" and my drafty old house feels less than cozy.


michele said...

Are they looking for Pet homes? or show homes?

SueMac said...

Both of the pups who are left are show potential, but they really need homes so I suspect they could be available as companions. Ann's email address is Ann_M_Ball@cimcool.com