Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puppy Inquiries

Need to sit down and do a Puppy Page for the (planned) upcoming litters.  Lucy definitely and Pauli possibly.  Have not even put together pedigrees yet.  There have been several inquiries the last few days and I need a link for puppy information.  Gone is the day when I put together a Puppy Pack of information and MAILED it out.  How times have changed.  Back when Dals were so popular, I sent out a number of packs every week.  And speaking of pups, "Crystal's" litter by "Bennett" (one of the 5 champions from the Argus/Boji litter) is due this week.  I'm taking a stud fee puppy, so am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Two stud inquiries for Argus as well, both from people who have been considering him and now need to make up their minds.  It actually amazes me that he has not been used more than he has - and I am even more amazed at the odd criteria some people use when deciding how to breed their bitches.  Argus is a an extremely good sire - and I'm saying that as his owner, not his breeder. (Wish I had bred him too, but at least I was smart enough to buy this awesome dog!)  I'm exceptionally proud of the quality of his offspring and how well they have done in the ring.  Just got word that his daughter "Tia" became Argus's 6th Grand Champion offspring (he has 17 Champion kids already and another who needs just 1 more point), and she finished it in just a couple of weekends of showing, mostly with Specialty and Specialty weekend wins.  Cheeseburgers for all - our dog show tradition when Argus was being campaigned - we now do that when his kids have particularly nice wins.

Just got Argus's invitation for the Top Twenty, his 4th year of qualifying, but I don't think we'll show in it this year as I would rather be in the audience and cheering for his daughter Pauli this year,  Argus will be entered in breed competition at the National, with no expectations.  He's had a wonderful run, with a Best of Breed and 3 Awards of Merit in the past 4 years, PLUS winning the Stud Dog Class for 3 years in a row.  Good dog, Argie.

Picked up two new species of fish last weekend, bred locally.  Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Moliwe" and Hillstream Loaches (gotta get their scientific name memorized!).  That required some fish relocation and the little Characodon audax "Black Prince" got moved to a smaller tank so the P. taeniatus could have the 20L planted tank.  All seem to be doing well.  Am also waiting for the Limia nigrofasciata to be shipped from Colorado, but not until the weather warms up a bit.  They'll come Express Mail overnight and be picked up at the PO, but no point in taking any chances with fish I have been wanting for a long time.

Really enjoying my iPhone as I check out the Apps.  Too bad there are not Apps for dog walking and house cleaning!

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