Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Ready For Boredom

OK, I'm ready for some boredom around here!  No holidays, no extra dogs, no company, no places to go or things to do.  I just wanna go to work, come home, and spend peaceful evenings and weekends for awhile.  I'll get the house cleaned, do water changes in all the fish tanks, work on my website or blog, order my iPhone and learn to use it, and play with and train the dogs.  Maybe we will go out to eat a few times, but mostly I will just hang out at home!  And everyone needs to stay healthy!

But first, an eye appointment and perm tomorrow, an audiology appointment on Friday, and I really need to get the dogs bathed.  Because my back objects, I'll have to drive them out to Jess's or make an appointment at PetCo.   And Friday is Friday The 13th, which I hate.  Not exactly superstitious but that is NOT my favorite day.

I really just want to be bored for awhile.  I want to go to bed early, finish the book on my iPod and get a tank ready for the new Limia nigrofasciatus that I will order on Friday.  I've been looking for "Humpback Limias" for ages.  No dog shows for awhile which is fine.  We had fun last weekend, but I can go another 5 or 6 weeks without shows.

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