Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Too Soon

A most satisfactory weekend, lots accomplished although even more remains undone.  I'll just add them to the list of chores for this week.  Or next.  Guess it's better to think of lists as guidelines rather than requirements.

Argie's kids had a good weekend, with son Porter going WD both days in St. Joe, MO, puppy Weather going BoW at the Sunday show for her first major (at 6 months) and Pauli winning the breed both days, along with a  Group 2.  AND little Mariah who you may remember from this blog won again and picked up two more points.  Kay is so pleased with her - it was a perfect placement.

On Saturday I met my friends Kim & Rin and we went to check out a soon-to-be-homeless 10 year old Dal boy.  He's a charming dog, and quite handsome although very overweight.  Absolutely lovely personality.  His owners are unemployed, losing their home and will be moving to Chicago where they will not be able to keep their dogs. Kim and Rin are currently dogless and have offered Max home.   So pleased they came forward.  Max does not have a breeder to take responsibility for his welfare, but I heard about his situation, posted his story to Facebook and Kim volunteered.  Another friend volunteered to foster Max's housemate Princess, but she's already been promised.

Took Argus and Letty down to Hidden Falls Park for a run yesterday.  Argus really wanted to swim, but I discouraged it. When I took Letty down she wanted to race along the ice on the river bank and was in danger of falling in, so she got her walk in the woods. 

Drat, out of time.  Best not to start the week by being late for work.

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Helen said...

Are Weather, Mariah and Letty all Arboks?