Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never A Dull Moment In Paisleyland

New washer arrived yesterday, thank goodness!  It is NOT easy to have multiple dogs and no washer.  Seems as if something always needs to be tossed in the washer, especially after a dog show weekend.  Towels, sheets (used over the spreads on motel room beds and as crate covers at shows) and crate rugs all need to be washed after a show weekend, and we took NINE crates for 3 dogs this time, so we did not have to carry them in and out of the motel and show building.  A Whirlpool Cabrio, top loading, high efficiency washer.  Seems to have passed all the tests I gave it last night, and is sure a lot quieter than the front loader was.

Waiting to hear the ultra sound results on Argie's most recent wife Story.  We did two chilled semen collections and shipped them off to Florida 3 weeks ago.  Story has missed on previous attempts (not with Argus) so fingers crossed that things went well this time.  I'm taking a stud fee pup if there is a litter as Story is a lovely girl who goes back to some of my dogs on her mother's side.   And, this weekend Jess & I will take a quick road trip to Chicago to look at Crystal's pups by Bennett (Argus/Boji son).  I'll be bringing home a pup, either a black or liver spotted girl.  Now that Letty is a sensible housedog, we can start all over again.  Have not told Ron yet!  Poor guy.  Never a dull moment!

This is Jess's puppy Meribel, making her debut at St. Louis where she won her Sweeps Class and then went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 5 point major - at her first show weekend!  Good job, Meribel!  Jess has put a lot of work into training her puppy, the first Dal pups she has raised on her own, from the first litter she has raised on her own.  Meribel was not even the pick, so we have high hopes for sister Amery and brother Ellsworth!

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Chalase said...

Out of the girls, lt blue (black) girl is my fav... I just LOVE that face of hers. But I guess you have to take more in to account then a cute face ;) have fun in the Windy City, good luck with Ron!