Thursday, March 22, 2012

Speaking Of Livers

The Brownie Girl Party!

Back row from left to right, Don Dvorak, GCh. "Penny", "Meribel" & "Amery" (Penny's 7 month old daughters).  Front row - Heather Kemp, her Dal "Gemma" (another Penny daughter), my "Letty" (half sister to Penny) and me.

When I was looking for my first Dalmatian, I wanted either a black or liver spotted female.  Although I'd never seen a liver at that time, I knew it was an acceptable color, so it did not matter to me which one I purchased.  I ended up with liver-spotted "Criket", who eventually became Ch. Blackpool Red Nora CDX,  and the rest, as they say, was history.  Although I have owned my share of black spotted Dals, I admit to being partial to living with livers (when I judge I have to be "color blind").  

We've come a long ways over the years, and livers have gone from being "second class citizens" to the color of choice for many people.  Livers have done extremely well in the breed ring and often rank amongst the top Dals in the country.  They have also done very well at the National, and the year "Argus" won Best Of Breed at DCA, BoB, BoS & BoW were ALL livers.  The year my "Morris" Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Pointblank CD ROM was BoS at the National, Best of Breed was also liver-spotted.

Because I've always had attractive outgoing adult liver Dals at my house (good "sales dogs" I've never had a problem selling liver puppies to companion homes, and my puppy reservations are often for liver pups.  In the breed ring, livers continue to be very popular.  We've come a long ways!   

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