Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Coral!

Coral has a big smile for everyone.

Happy 14th Birthday to Coral, Ch. Paisley Snowood Family Ties ROM (L). She's slowed down a bit, but can still leap onto the sofa to sit with Ron and hop up on the grooming table for brushing (and cookies), can spot a squirrel at 30 paces, hear the refrigerator open, and stand off the younger dogs if there is a pot that needs licking. She's Ron's shadow.

Coral is the dam, grand dam, great grand dam etc. of many wonderful Dals, some famous, many just beloved companions. She is known for her big grin, beautiful brown spots, and the friendliest happiest disposition ever. Coral has never met a stranger, and even at 14 she insists on greeting all company and everyone she sees on her daily walks. 
The dogs will be celebrating with cheeseburgers and vanilla ice cream, Coral's favorite.

We are so fortunate to have such a healthy long-lived breed, and it's important that we as breeders and owners not to lose that.  Appropriate health testing, careful breeding, and well thought out veterinary care will help to insure that future generations of Dals will bless their owners with many years of companionship.

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