Friday, June 1, 2012

Being A Responsible Breeder

No question that Lucy's pups will be ultimately socialized with kids.  What an adventure for all.  Patti has been documenting the experience with dozens of pictures, and I'm sure the kids will have such fun looking back on this experience.

This was not a case of "raising a litter for the kids".  No one should ever intentionally do that unless they are prepared to keep all the pups forever.  There is no shortage of homeless dogs, and no reason to bring another litter into the world "for the kids".   This is a great example of doing a litter for all the right reasons.

Both parents are top quality representatives of their breed, from excellent backgrounds, with good pedigrees, wonderful temperaments and all appropriate health testing.   An enormous amount of money and work have gone into this litter, to assure that the pups are healthy, well socialized and will eventually become exceptional companions.  Several may become show dogs, but that is secondary.  Each pup, whether destined for a career as a show dog or just a family companion, is receiving the maximum amount of socialization and the best of care.

One of the pups will stay with the family, and the others will be carefully placed in the appropriate homes.  Pets will go on spay/neuter contracts, any show pups will eventually get all the appropriate health testing.  All of the pups will have the very best chance of becoming beautiful, healthy, valued companions because of all the thought and work that went into this litter.

That's what being a Responsible Breeder is all about.

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mark said...

I've been looking for a family dal for a couple of months now after losing one a year ago of 14 years, if one is available please cal Mark at 402-540-6275