Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letty Settles In

Letty seems to be doing well in her new home, learning their routine and teaching them hers.  This is promising, but taking on a young dog is a serious decision, and I sent Letty "on approval" to make sure that everyone is happy.  One of the cats is obviously not, but he may never be happy about a new dog, whether it is Letty or any other dog.

Skip writes -
What a wonderful young Dal. All that energy and an incredibly active  mind and yet an underlying sweetness.

I have forgotten what it is like having a puppy around, actually not much different than a room full of seventh graders. One is always aware of energy going off in a direction you don't expect.

We have had a couple of long walks each day. We met a young couple down by Lake Hiawatha with a Corgi mixed with something exotic about  Letty's size. Both dogs wrestled while we talked and it was funny to
untangle leashes every couple of they could continue. Both dogs were pretty tired after about twenty minutes. We never did get  to the romp with the Jack Russell, but I expect that may take place  tomorrow. Letty was pretty tired after this morning's walk and spent  this afternoon asleep on my lap as I was engrossed in a book.

You saw the pictures of her interaction with grand-daughter Laura, but you missed the sound of giggle from an infant as her nose was being licked. Letty was so gentle.

What we are working on the hardest right now is making the big rag- doll male cat, that is so frightened of everything deal with Letty. I think we will try putting Letty in the sleeping crate in the front bed room and make Fritz the cat be there for short times to start with and hopefully get slowly used to the idea of existing together. 

Letty has really started to bond with everyone that lives here or comes and goes in the house. Even our son (who has never really been close to any of our dogs) has come by bearing dog toy purchases and  has really interacted with her. The person she has really bonded to is Lucinda. Letty really doesn't like to have her out of her sight.  But it seems as though Letty has bonded mostly to females her whole life. Anne and I tease Lucinda that I am going to have to get my own Dalmatian! I am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.
Sounds like exactly the kind of home I wanted for Letty, doesn't it?

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