Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So Far, So Good

Pups are doing well!  They're starting to get cute too, and this morning when I went down to put in clean papers they had started wrestling with one another.  It's pretty slow motion at this age, but they are practicing their "moves"!  I could spend the day watching them, but fortunately they only play for a few minutes at a time before going back to sleep.

Spotting looks terrific on everyone - yes, the furry white boy has spots too, but his thick wooly coat still covers them up.  They all seem to hear, and I have not noticed any blue eyes yet, though will look more closely this weekend.  Only one nose is not completely filled, but a couple of eyerims still need more color. 

They've all had their nails cut three times and are all plump and strong - you really notice how strong they are when you try to trim their hooky little nails.  (We trim the nails so they don't scratch Pauli or one another.)

Pauli has been an excellent mother, keeps them clean, has plenty of milk, and is still quite attentive, though is happy to be upstairs with us or out in the yard some of the time too.  I'll start walking Pauli this weekend, although she has discovered the treadmill in my basement and run on that for a bit - she loves the treadmill.

If you're looking for an adult Dalmatian, there's a nice boy available.  He's randomly bred (not from a show person) but is quite handsome.  Moderate sized, good with adults, older kids, and dogs, not good with cats.  He was bred in Southern Illinois, but lives near the Twin Cities and is available to the right situation.  I will gladly put you in touch with his owner who is forced to give him up or with my daughter who is trying to help find a home for this boy.

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