Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Like Grandpa

Looks as if Fabulous Fern will be the puppy who stays in Paisleyland.   She's already made that decision, so I might as well go along with it.  Fern always greets me with a wildly wagging tail, seems very relaxed and non-stressed about new situations, and never whines.  All personality pluses as far as I am concerned.  The fact that she has lovely spots and moves nicely is also a plus! Wish she had a few more face and ear spots, but that's just a personal preference, and her markings are fine. She's got a nice amount of bone, good feet, two good ends, a level back, and nice dark eyes.

Last night convinced me, when Fern picked up a plastic packing bubble, carried it all over the yard, and finally stashed it under the deck steps - after first making a feeble attempt to dig a hole and bury it.  The instincts are there, just not perfected.  Love the fact that she inherited that funny little quirk from her Grandpa Argus.  None of the other pups carry toys yet, and I have never seen a pup this age try to hide a toy.  That does it!

Letty and her littermates celebrated their first birthday on Tuesday - am so pleased that all are in excellent homes.  Letty was spayed yesterday - hopefully she makes a quick recovery and can soon get back to the Dog Park.  I know she and her dad Skip will really miss their outings.

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