Sunday, August 12, 2012


Pups are sleeping, or at least no one is yelling yet, there's very little on Facebook, and no interesting emails, so a good time for a short blog post.

Now we are three.  Only three pups left, as handsome Mancini is gone too.  Mickey is now Axe (not a name a like very well), Dixie is still Dixie (I'm glad), and Mancini is now Ramsay (which I like a lot).  That's Ramsay in the picture, with his new mom Brandee.  Luci flies off on Tuesday and will probably be renamed Velvet.  Fern will stay Fern, though I am calling her Fernly, I find.  We'll see about Murray.

Murray is still looking for a home.  Have someone who wants him later, if I will keep him for a few weeks, which I may end up doing.  But he really needs a home of his own, and I really need to be down to just one puppy so I can start training her.

I ought to be in bed, as the weather is cool and breezy, and perfect sleeping weather, but today is Dog Park Sunday.  Jess & Meribel (Argus's granddaughter) will be joining us for our trip to the dog park, then Jess & I will be heading to Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate Chateau for brunch to celebrate her birthday.

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