Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hooked On Dals

Two pups gone, and another leaving on Saturday, all three homes are first-time Dal owners.  We hope their owners will enjoy the breed as much as we do and be hooked on Dals! I can't even imagine not sharing my home with at least one Dal.  Mancini continues to look exceptionally promising, and will be his new owner's first show-Dal too.

I was so proud of Luci when she went in for her health certificate yesterday (so she can fly off to California next week).  She'll be raw fed, and will be getting chicken wings as her raw meaty bone source, something I rarely feed because of the cost.  Wings take longer to eat than chicken necks that can be gulped, so Luci practiced her wing-eating on the way to the clinic and back.  Twenty minutes per wing, a very good chewer, and not a peep out of the puppy who was traveling in a crate by herself - for the first time.

Luci was carried into the clinic of course - young pups should never be walked in on leash or set down on the floor, as that just increases their chances of picking up a "bug" of some sort.  Remember, dogs who are sick go to Veterinary Hospitals.  As I carried her in, I could feel her little tail thumping against my chest, even harder when she saw a couple of small children in the waiting room.  The Vet Techs all had to meet her of course, and she had a kiss for everyone.  When she was on the table for her exam, Luci's tail never stopped wagging and she had a kiss for the vet too.  Everything checked out just fine of course, and Luci is now cleared for travel.  She's a particularly sweet and affectionate pup, the most determinedly friendly, and a pup who will be a real Velcro Dog - one firmly attached to her owner.

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