Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time Crunch

OK, how am I going to get everything done in time to leave for dog shows on Thursday?  Life is so much simpler when there are no shows!  And to think that for years I did this several weekends a month.  No wonder I got so far behind on things - but why am I still so far behind when this is only my 4th show weekend of the year???

Got the third seat out of the van last night - not an easy job on a 2007 Caravan.  I need the third seat in the van when we take mom to dinner, but it gets in the way otherwise.  The seat comes out nicely, it's just so darned heavy and awkward to move to the porch.  Am getting too old for this kind of stuff.  Fortunately, a nice teenage girl stopped and offered to help.  Bless her!

The three large crates and buckets are loaded, as well as a small crate for Fern who will be going along to her first dog show (as a spectator).  Decided to do the heavy stuff before it got so hot - 90s today and tomorrow.,

The bar is a pile of things I need to take along this weekend.  Haven't even begun to pack my own clothes.  What am I going to wear?   Argus has had his nails done, but still needs a bath and trimming.  He's entered just for fun, to support the specialty entry, and will enjoy it.  He misses the Veteran's class by only a week - how can my silly puppy be that old???

Tonight we are going to dinner with dear friends who are in town visiting relatives.  Wish the timing was different, but we'll make this work.  I'll work a full day today and tomorrow, and we'll pack and we'll leave tomorrow after work, stopping to pick up Eddie on the way.  Jess will get Gemma tomorrow and bring her along - Gemma's first dog show weekend.

After several weeks of lovely weather, and good weather forecast NEXT week, this weekend promises to be ugly weather-wise.  HOT!  Oh well.  Looking forward to seeing friends I have not seen since the national, and others I have not seen since last year.  Should be fun if we don't melt!

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