Monday, October 15, 2012

This Is The Week!

Holly says "I NEED a walk!"

This is the week!  The week we'll find out if Holly is actually pregnant.  I'll palpate her in a few days (I'm good at that, if I do say so myself) and probably do an ultrasound later in the week as well.  I've always said that I would not bother with the latter, because it does not change anything, but I'll probably do it just for fun.  Cross your fingers please.

Holly is so much better about keeping her feet off the counter - Counter Surfing NOT allowed here - and has learned to sit and wait at the door, and for her collar to be put on.   She's also stopped pulling as much on our walks, a good sign that she is "slowing down" a bit.  She'd still rip my arm off for a rabbit or squirrel though. In her "real life" she runs on a ranch, rather than walking in a city, so she's made a very good adjustment.  Am also delighted that she loves company and covers everyone with kisses - just the way I like my Dals.

Another doggy weekend as Argus, his daughter Nena, and Josie's son Tate did Dal PR at Home Depot for Fire Safety Day.  That's Tate and Nena practicing a Down Stay.  Argus and I took advantage of all the space and worked on our heeling and fronts.  Have to wait 'til my hand is healed to get Argus and Fernly back to obedience class, but we are working some at home.  Fernly went along to mom's to watch football on Sunday and Josie did a Walk For Hunger with her friend Sue.  Next week, Coursing Trials!

Good news on the dog show front as Argie's daughter Weather (Letty's sister) picked up a specialty major in Kansas, and son Boca earned a major in New Mexico.

One-handed typing is SO SLOW!

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