Friday, November 2, 2012

Is It Time Yet?

As you probably know, Coral is approaching the end of her allotted time on earth.  At a bit over 14 1/2, a good life span for a Dalmatian girl, the accumulated issues of arthritis, chronic kidney failure, mammary tumors and heaven knows what else are beginning to take their toll.  Ron is able to get her outdoor enough that she almost never pees in the house, but like so many old dogs her bowel control is a problem, and she often has accidents indoors, generally in her crate in the early morning.  Because she's raw-fed and her stools are small, dry, virtually odor-free, and very solid, this is not as bad as it sounds and it's not difficult to deal with.  If she were senile, or did not still look forward to her "walk" (very slowly, just around the block), or was not still eager for her meals, the decision might be easy, but she still enjoys walking, eating, and snuggling on the sofa with Ron.  The other dogs still respect her, and no one hassles her, so she's safe and seems happy, although she rarely wags her tail.

This morning, after I did the first shift of Holly, Fernly and Josie, I came to let Coral out of her crate.  She opened her eyes to look at me, but did not move.  I offered her one of her favorite biscuits, but she just closed her eyes and went back to sleep.  Was it time?  Should I just leave her for now or try and get her out of the crate?  I opted to leave her for 10 minutes and took Argus & Watson outside without her, and sat down for another cup of coffee.  Then I started over with Coral.  She woke up slowly got to her feet, picked up the previously ignored biscuit, and came out of her crate ready to go outdoors.  I helped her down the steps, she started air scenting for rabbits, and slowly made her way out to the dog yard to join her son Watson, and friend Argus.

Whew!  It's not time yet . . .

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