Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time Out

Endless Winter is getting me down.  Too many cloudy days, too much cold, and far too much ice.  So tired of icy roads, icy sidewalks, icy deck, icy dog yard.  I haven't slipped and gone down yet (knock on wood) but this isn't over yet.   Yesterday I absolutely could not stay at work.  I felt like crap, gloomy, aching, hot & cold.  Ugh.  Coming down with something, or just "down"?

Later in the afternoon I just had to get out and walk in the sunshine.  For the first time I appreciated Daylight Savings Time.  Packed up Argus and Fernly, and headed off to Hidden Falls Park.  Only one other car in the parking lot, so I let both dogs off lead, and we headed down the path, Argus carefully sniffing each tree and snow mound to "see" who had been there before us, and Fern running in joyous circles.  I forgot my boots, but "someone" had come through with equipment of some sort and flattened out a walking path that was not yet slippery.  Hooray!

Off through the woods we went, dogs leading the way.  New dogs up ahead and I called Fern back, but Argus could not be called off as he considers it his job to meet and introduce himself to all new dogs.  Some things never change.  Two friendly Labradoodles and their friendly owner, so we let the dogs play together.  One was a 9-month old pup, so he and Fern had a fantastic time playing dog games in the snow.  The owner and I discussed how lucky we were to have the park to ourselves this time of the year, and how much safer it was than dog parks.   Her older dog had had some bad experiences at dog parks, so I told her about the one we enjoy and feel safest in.

I came home with two tired but happy dogs, and feeling much better.  Thanks guys!

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