Monday, July 29, 2013

Much Better, Thank You

This was my post to Facebook last week -

Whew! A call from Ron to tell me Fern had run into the rabbit fencing and had a WIRE IN HER EYE! Needless to say, I was home in record time and off to the Vet's. The wire went between the eyeball and the skin - in the socket but down and out. A tiny scratch on her cornea, a skin puncture and some bruising. Dr. S says it SHOULD heal uneventfully. Please say a prayer for Fern and now I will start breathing again.

Fern's eye continues to look good, but she goes in for a recheck on Tuesday to make sure that the small abrasion on her cornea is healing properly.  The injury did not keep her home this past weekend, and we attended shows with good sized Dal entries despite all the excitement.  Fern didn't win either day, but we both learned a lot!  She's still a bit immature and would probably benefit from sitting out for a few more months, but I need to be back in the ring.  Although I have shown for many years, I have not seriously trained and shown a class dog since 8 year old Argus was a pup, and haven't shown a bitch since 10 year old Josie was a youngster (other than just a couple times in the ring with Amery but Jess did the training there).  The shows this summer are more about training (retraining?) ME.  Once Argus was trained, he was very easy to show - which Fern is NOT, at least not yet.  Her ring behavior was MUCH better on Sunday, with a LOT of extra work after her lousy performance on Saturday.  (Most of which was my fault, I might add.)

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 I came home to a nice surprise last night when I found that Fern's UKC Championship certificate had arrived in the mail on Saturday.  I hadn't even realized that she'd finished as I've never figured out how UKC counts points - I just use their shows for fun and practice.  In four UKC shows Fern had three Group Ones and a Group Two - guess that was enough for a Championship. 

Hopefully we can add an AKC Championship to that this year.  Then on to Coursing for Fern.

Max came along with us this weekend and did so well.  He's such a sweet boy and tries so hard to please. 

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