Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That Kind Of Day

Time to get back to work on my blog.  I've been shamed into it (you know who you are), but I do sort of miss it.  There's lots of posts lurking on the edges of my brain that I just haven't gotten around to putting on paper and there's certainly been lots going on in Paisleyland.  Plenty of pictures to use too, so starting tomorrow I will try to do better.  But for today . . . 
Ugh, not a good way to wake up! The sound of piteous crying finally penetrated my sleepy brain, cutting through the hum of the air conditioner and fans. (We sleep upstairs with the door closed when the window ac is running.) A terrible keening sound. Oh my gosh, what's wrong?

Dogs sleep downstairs, on various pieces of furniture, with Max and Fern in crates in the kitchen (poor Fernly crated... to keep Max company.). Seniors greeted me at the gate with happily wagging tails, pleased to start the day early. Fern still curled up in her rug (how can bitches make "nests" out of a single crate rug?) Max however had had an accident, "the runs" in his crate and was horrified - and how long had he been standing there asking for help? Eeeewww, not a good way to start the day. He's too big to carry and I didn't get that option anyway as he bolted from his crate and dashed to the back door, leaving a trail of "stuff" on the 5 throw rugs he stepped on getting to the door. Poor Max has never ever had a crate accident. He seems to feel just fine, so it must have been something he ate - wood, plastic, leaves, a dead bird? He gets to skip breakfast, and hopefully will be fine later today. And hopefully this is NOT something he will share with the other dogs. Haven't had an episode of loose stools in years. Sure hope there is nothing going around!

Hope it's not going to be THAT kind of day.
NOTE:  No picture to go along with today's post!  Thought you'd be grateful for that!

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