Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun With Dogs

So this is what it's come to.  Skipping a dog show because of the weather, and taking them swimming instead.  There was a time when I never missed a local show, even when I didn't have an entry. I'd be there all day just to watch, and wonder why other people didn't find it fascinating. Now I have to force myself to enter, and then I might decide not to show anyway.  When you campaign a Special, every show is important if you are fighting for a spot in the rankings. I did that for years. When you show in the classes, you can show when/if you feel like it.  There's no rush to get the dog finished, so what's the hurry?  I took Fern over early to practice a bit, but had no interest in waiting to show her at 3:00 PM in 97 degree heat and humidity.  Drove up to Ramsey to pick up frozen dog food instead, taking Fern along for the ride.

On Sunday I took the dogs swimming, one at a time.  First Argus, who mostly ran along the shore sniffing the good smells, then Fernly, who loves to chase sticks - as long as she doesn't have to go in over her head, and finally Max who retrieved about 50 large sticks with great enthusiasm.  He also retrieved some small sticks, thrown by a little girl who was afraid to touch him, but delighted that he would go after her sticks.  Good dog Max.

The weather was incredibly hot yesterday, but it felt just fine on the river where I was having fun with my dogs.  I didn't miss the dog shows, not even a little.


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