Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Fun and Puppy Plans

All is well.  My apologies for the lack of blog posts, but since most of you are Facebook friends as well, you already know that everything is fine.

The dogs have had a great summer, with Max enjoying his swimming adventures in the Mississippi

River and Argus and Fern enjoying Sunday trips to the Dog Park, where they run with other dogs and splash in the pond.  Only Max actually swims - he thinks nothing of taking off across the river in pursuit of a stick - or as in the picture above, a floating log which he was determined to retrieve and bring back to shore.  Fern prefers splashing in the shallows, just like Argus does.

Not sure how I thought I was going to raise two youngsters that are only six months apart in age, since I live in the city and do NOT have a lot of yard.  It's surely a lot of work, but they are turning out well - and I'm staying fit with all the walking!  Both pups are high energy and enthusiastic, but very smart and willing.  Or at least Max is willing.  Fern is a bit of a hard head about some things, but is turning out to be an excellent housedog and companion.  Max is endlessly entertaining, and I don't regret for a moment that I kept him too.

Fern is off to a good start on her Championship with a major and a Group placing in just a few outings, but Max has had only one show weekend so far, and will miss the next one we had planned for him.  No hurry I guess, as it's a lot of work to show two dogs and I should concentrate on Fern anyway.  A weekend of UKC shows in September will give me a chance to put some work into Max, and perhaps he can go along to the Kansas Specialties.  Because I will be showing both Fern and Max in Bred By Exhibitor Class anyway, Max really doesn't have to be shown as a pup.

Current news involves Puppies!  We're planning a litter!  No, I don't plan to keep one, but do hope to co-own one locally.  We're doing a breeding for pedigree, combining an Argus daughter with a dog who has a very Paisley pedigree.  I'm trying to pick up some old pieces of the Paisley line, and the dog I will be breeding two is "very Paisley".  Although he does not carry a Paisley name, I co-bred him, and suggested the breeding to the friend who co-owns his dam, a Coral daughter. 

The mama-to-be came in season just this week, NOT very good timing on her part, but it is what it is.  She'll have to ride along with us next week when we go to the Amana shows, and the dog she will be bred to will meet us there as his owner is showing too.  At least that's the plan right now.  We'll see how this goes.  I don't like traveling with bitches in season, and it means that Max has to stay home.  Not enough room to carry four dogs, and not fair to a 9-month boy to have to travel with a bitch in season!

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