Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Puppies born on Tuesday, exactly as I had expected.  Only 5 of them, but they make up for it in size, all weighing 14-16 ounces.  (My pups normally weigh in at about 12.)  It was not an easy whelping, and had I not been there to assist we would have lost all/most of them.  Once they were breathing (and yelling) they were all ready to nurse.  Nena was terrific throughout, including a visit to see Dr. Jim at the vet clinic for an ultra sound.

We have 2 black boys, 2 black girls, 1 liver boy, all born with most or all of their nose trim and eye rims, which is a good way to start.  Dew claws will be removed on Saturday morning, then we sweat the hearing until 14-16 days.  Once I know they all hear I will relax and start to enjoy the pups!  No names for anyone until I know their hearing status.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all on a job well done!

Laura Fife said...

If your day job doesn't work out, you have a bright future in high-risk obstetrics! Nicely done.

Cee Pluse said...

Congratulations to all, especially to Nena, who looks exhausted! Glad all are well, and the pups look lovely. I hope they all pass the hearing test with flying colors.