Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pups? Certainly Looks That Way

Poor pregnant Nena wants a belly rub.

Poor pregnant "Nena" is making the most of this.  "Another belly rub, please," she says.  Like so many pregnant Dal girls she is ravenous, even attacking ice cubes with gusto.  Two weeks to go! Two lllooonnnggg weeks.

Nena lives with her "real" owner Stephanie, but I have leased her for a litter and bred her to handsome "Henry" who lives in the St. Louis area.  Both Henry and Nena are AKC Champions and have their CHIC numbers for completing all their health testing. They also have fantastic dispositions and are excellent family dogs.

Nena is a daughter of my wonderful Ch. "Argus" ROMX, and Henry's dam Ch. "Leica" ROM is a daughter of our Ch. "Coral" ROM.  Leica is a sister to "Nikon", dam of Ch. "Penny" and granddam of Chs. "Meribel", "Amery", "Gemma", and "Ellsworth".  We're hoping Nena and Henry match up as well as Argus and Nikon did!  Only time will tell.  They match up well dog-to-dog, and the pedigree looks terrific, but breedings don't always work the way you expect.  As long as the pups are healthy and have good dispositions we will be satisfied, but are hoping for some gorgeous show prospects as well.

Nena will join us this weekend and get settled in.  She knows all the dogs here, and has known me since puppyhood, so she should be comfortable with us (and Ron can be counted on to give her plenty of belly rubs).


Roxy Furlong said...

Hi! Will you have puppies for sale soon? We are looking for a dal puppy or young dog. Male or female ...
Thank you for your help.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Girl!!! Can't wait to see Pups!!!