Friday, November 22, 2013

Do I Really Need Another Dalmatian?

Can I MANAGE another puppy?  The little brownie boy is looking very nice, but of course there's still lots of time for things to go wrong.  His bite could be off, his tail could be too high, he might not have two testicles descended, he might not be a sound mover, he could add ticking and screw up his markings, on and on.  I had originally hoped he would not be show quality, so I wouldn't be tempted to keep him, but now . . .

I could wait until Amery's litter next year, in case the right brownie boy was there, or I could keep Fulton until then, and make the decision later.  I've raised a lot of pups that I didn't keep permanently and could do it again.  I really enjoy taking pups through Puppy Classes, and there's something so cheery about having a pup around - but it's so much work, and Max is still a puppy - even though he just celebrated his first birthday.

Visitors scheduled for this weekend.  The pups are REALLY cute now.

We'll see how it goes.

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