Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Horizons

Pups came upstairs last night to explore the family room and meet the other dogs.  Everyone was quite confident about the experience.  They'll be up every evening from now on, and I'll take them one or two at a time upstairs to explore the bedrooms and bathroom as well.  It's important for the pups to have a variety of new experiences at this age.  Lots of people, new places, new toys, new sounds.  Because it will be too cold for them to play in the yard, we'll have to find adventures in the house.  Tonight they get to explore my fish room.

All of the adults were loose with the pups for awhile, but that gets to be a bit overwhelming.  At the age of 13 1/2 Watson doesn't much care for pups, so he was first in his crate - he hates to have them sniff him or touch his feet, although he was wonderful with pups as a younger dog.  Josie is great with pups but after a few minutes of them trying to nurse she hopped up on the sofa and stayed there.  Argus loves pups but gets jealous and keeps climbing in my lap when I am trying to play with them.  That left Max who was assigned the job of official puppy sitter and performed beautifully.  Other than needing a couple of reminders to be careful, he was perfect with the pups and kept them entertained. 

Jack and Surly were the most interested in Max and they spent most of the time wrestling with him.  Fulton and Summit got into the games part of the time, while Schelly preferred to play with toys, explore, and sit on Ron's lap.  All of the pups were quite confident about their surroundings, and Schelly was the first to go through the bars in the dog gate and check out the dining room.

Pups were wormed for the first time as a precaution, and will get a dose of Baycox tonight to insure that they don't have coccidia either.  Nails get trimmed regularly.  Weaning is coming along well and they are finally slimming down.  Nena's food got cut way back (which did not make her happy) and she's finally producing less milk.  Pups will start getting a third meal today.  They are eating some raw food, and some kibble - Pro Plan Select Turkey & Barley and will be able to eat either a raw diet or kibble in their new homes.

Time to make an appointment for Well Puppy Check Ups and their first vaccinations.  We'll do that at about 7 weeks since none of the pups will be leaving until they are at least 8 weeks old unless Jack Pine goes home with Henry's owners Donna and Meg.  Need to firm up the date for BAER testing too.  Time goes by so quickly!


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