Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome Back, Fern

Fern finds Max's greeting just a bit boring.

Fern Louise is home after a three week absence while she was in season.  I don't normally send the girls away, but there was just too much going on here during that time.  She came home looking perfect, and in a good frame of mind.  Karen says Fern was a good girl, and Aussie Talley will miss her running buddy.  We'll be sure the girls get a chance to say "Hi" at the January shows.

I was surprised at how pleased Josie was to see Fern, and how quick she was to remind Fern that she Josie was the Queen.  Josie has never been much into pack structure, preferring to sit back and let the others work things out, but she seems to understand that pushy Fern has aspirations of being Queen and needs a reminder from time to time.

The boys gave Fern the Royal Sniffover, and Argus is not quite convinced it's too late.  I'll keep them separated for a few days when I am not around to supervise.  Fern is still flirty, which doesn't help things either.

Fern was thrilled to see the puppy, and has had a fine time herding her around and explaining that all toys are hers!

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