Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Count Down For Puppies

Ch. Snowood Paisley "Duncan" Disorderly
Fern and I will be taking another trip to Columbia Heights today to meet up with Ch. "Duncan" and his family.  Although I had not anticipated that Fern would be ready for breeding until later in the week, a progesterone test on Monday suggested that her "best days" would be Monday and Wednesday of this week.  No wonder Argus was hanging out at the basement door, pining over Fern.
Everyone's schedules were rearranged, and a date was arranged.  As is typical for this breed, if the time is right the dogs can get the job done.  Although this was the first time for both Duncan and Fern, they agreed that the time was right, and after a bit of playing and racing around the yard, they got down to work.  Success.  We'll be paying a return visit today, just to be sure we have our days covered.
Count down, pups due in a bit less than 9 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Duncan is a NICE looking Dal,I sure hope that he combined with Fern will make some great puppies!

Best wishes with this breeding, I'm looking forward to reading about it.