Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Says They're Not Lapdogs?

Fern was delighted when Laurie came to visit.
Such a Velcro breed we have! 
Most Dals are not happy unless they are as close to their owners as they can possibly get.  Many of them want to be touching someone - always! 
We try to explain to prospective puppy buyers that if you want a dog who stays out of the way and is never under foot, do NOT get a Dal!  If they are not touching you, they are watching you.  Watching everything!  Such busybodies they are, and they'd hate to miss anything, especially if it involves food, play or a walk.
We always caution new puppy buyers that it's important to teach a puppy to spend some time alone, confined to a crate or a pen.  A pup who is raised with someone always around, expects that to continue, and may not react well to a change in schedule.  Even if you have the luxury of being home during the day, the pup needs a little crate time so he understands that crating is going to be part of his daily routine.   It's easy to do, and may save you a lot of trouble later.
I belong to a Facebook list called "Dalmatian Owners Of America".  I joined because some of the first time pet owners need input from experienced Dal owners, and a number of us try to provide useful advice.  A lot of behavior problems occur because new owners allow their dogs to develop habits that will eventually become a problem and will be very hard to break on an adult dog. Many of the Dals come from commercial or backyard breeders who provide little or no information on raising a Dalmatian puppy, while others are rescue dogs that come with issues.  The list will definitely provide lots of ideas for blog posts!

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