Monday, August 4, 2014

Personality Change

This picture was taken last week as I get such a kick out of Fern's "woe is me" expression.  Fern's personality is very much affected by hormones, and she's always quieter after she's been in season, but that's nothing compared to the behavior of pregnant Fern.  Although she'll play with Max for a minute or two, gone is the non-stop wrestling and the mad rushes out the door.  Everything is slow motion now, as she climbs slowly off the chair and walks sedately out to the dog yard.  Poor Max does not understand the change in his best friend and is learning to amuse himself.
Fern is still pretty lively when friend Sue or daughter Jess stop by, but when it's time for dog walking she wanders over and says, "Why yes, I'll go with you if you really think I should".  No more wild rushes through the living room to the front door, and she walks calmly on a leash with few reminders to STOP PULLING.  Even when she sees rabbits and squirrels she does not attempt to rip my arm off, just makes a short half-hearted move in their direction, then settles back into walking sedately at my side.  This is NOT the Fern I am use to.  The Mad Woman is anything but.
She's plumping up nicely, looks on target for 5-7 pups, although guesstimates are invariably wrong.  I'll change that to say "normally pregnant", neither huge nor small for 6 weeks.  Just 3 weeks to go and so much to get done.  First I need to go through my puppy list and see how many people are actually still on board for a puppy from Fern's litter.  I also need to discuss with them that Fern's pups are likely to be pretty lively, although you sure wouldn't know it from her current behavior!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, thank you for sharing! Fern is beautiful.