Thursday, October 2, 2014

Socialization Continues

Six weeks old tomorrow!  So much accomplished, so much left to do.  The pups had a great weekend, and their visitors included teenagers, a family with three children, and my sister Kris.  The weather was perfect, so they spent a lot time outdoors too, exploring the yard and tasting the vegetation.  They also came upstairs with me, in pairs and singly, to check out the bedrooms and bathroom - lots of different sights, sounds, and yes, odors.  The laundry basket is always fun, especially checking for pockets that once contained dog treats.
Fern has lost interest in nursing the greedy little monsters with the very sharp teeth.  She is happy to play with them, especially just a few at a time, so she can deflect their attempts to nurse.  She did feed them once yesterday, only when the pressure built up (or was she feeling guilty?).  Two nights ago I offered her the option of sleeping downstairs as usual, or staying in the family room with her friends.  She chose the sofa and got a good night's sleep.
Pups are eating well, four meals a day, primarily softened kibble with goats milk.  They can eat raw too, but this litter is eating primarily kibble.
Because they will "go camping" the weekend they are 7 weeks old, kibble will be much easier for all of us.  We will be showing Fulton, a young liver boy that we co-own, and the pups will be staying with Fulton's family.  This will be great for the pups who will get lots of extra exposure to kids, and will have to adapt to a totally new situation.  That will make it even easier for them to adapt to their eventual new homes.
Today's visitors include Meg, who owns their sire Duncan.  Meg will be looking at the two liver boys, and tentatively decide on her stud fee puppy.  Pups will probably spend most of the evening upstairs in the family room while we evaluate them.

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