Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josely Posely

I was looking through my pictures this morning - you know, the pictures that live on your computer's hard drive and never get printed? There must be at least a zillion of them, and I occasionally go through intending to delete many and reorganize the rest. Although I start with good intentions, I always seem to get sidetracked as I think about the dogs, people, places and events that are pictured. Came across some shots taken as I was trying to get pictures of Josie waiting for me to throw a toy for her to catch. There are very few decent shots of Josie because they would have to be "action shots". If you so much as make eye contract with Josie she grabs a toy and dances in front of you waiting for you to throw it for her to retrieve or catch. You can see the anticipation in her face if you look at this picture.

Josie (aka Josely Posely) is such a cool dog. She's from a litter bred in Colorado, and sired by Argus' brother Peter. She finished with a nice record including a Specialty major, and produced two large litters of the most incredibly charming pups. Most were livers and almost all of them have Josie's wonderful personality. Sweet, silly, cheerful, and incredibly playful. Many went to previous Dal owners, and their owners always comment on how their Josie kid is the most entertaining dog they have ever owned.

Josie waits for me to come home from work, and always hears the car as it comes down the street. The minute she hears me at the door, she grabs a toy and gets Argus to tug with her - even though they have been dosing all afternoon. It never fails that when I walk in Josie and Argus are tugging, while watching me. If I hide her tugging toys she races frantically around, looking for a substitute so that she can greet me properly. Good dog Josie, my silly clown.

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Pat said...

I'm not sure I could stand a dog more entertaining than Jester!!!

As soon as I recover enough, I'm going to start working on getting jester certified as a therapy dog. (you should have seen him take over when he visited me in the hospital...)