Thursday, December 2, 2010


Lily Pad enjoying the cool grass.
Wish I was out in Long Beach, California, for the Eukanuba show.  Argus qualified, but there was really no reason to go other than to have fun and visit with friends.  Wait!  Is that not enough reason to go?  Maybe I should have gone without Argus, but it takes a lot more money than I have to do all that kind of stuff.  With Westminster in February and the Dal National in May, I need to be saving both money and vacation time.  A bit of warm weather and sunshine would certainly be welcome though!

The Dal pictured about is Lily Pad, a daughter of Argus & Lily (black Lily, not liver Lily).  Lily Pad's eventual owner met Argus's son Ben at a show in the Pacific NW and liked him so well she waited for over a year for an Argus daughter.  Lily Pad probably should have gone to a show home, but when good pet are homes waiting, it doesn't seem fair to not place a puppy.  Lily had a large litter and a number of nice pups, and her owner had few show reservations, so sseveral other lovely pups also went as pets.  I often wonder how they turned out.  Ch. Echo CD/TD/RN came from that litter and turned out well indeed.

Tess P's two boys are doing well, Paula says.  Trim is done, spotting is nice, eyes are dark, and both of them seem to hear already.  The patched boy will go to a pet home in Phoenix, to live with a patched Josie daughter.   Fingers tightly crossed that the other boy turns out to have show potential.

Fish club meeting tonight, the plant extravaganza where members can select from a huge variety of aquarium plants for just a dollar or two apiece.  Really a good deal as aquarium plants are SO expensive at most aquarium stores - and many of the plants sold at places like PetCo are not even aquarium plants.  They are terrestrial plants that can survive for awhile underwater.

Dogs have an interesting breakfast coming up - Bison oxtails.  Each dog gets a whole oxtail, as the bones are small enough to be totally consumed.  Even the pup will get a chunk of it, although I will have to use my trusty cleaver on hers.

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