Friday, June 17, 2011


Spent yesterday at training, learning the new accounting system that we won't need come July 1 when we are all laid off.  Well, just learning part of one component of the new accounting system.  The rest of this lesson today.  Then two more days next week, to learn another portion of the system.  This is a "from the box" accounting system that does not really address the way we do business.  Instead of designing a system that does what we need, we will be trying to change our work processes to fit a pre-made system.  Rather like trying to put square pegs in round holes.  When we take these classes, we hope for pieces that are relevant to our jobs . . .

Class ran until 3:30 so I went back to work for awhile, trying to stay ahead of the game.  Because I have no backup, my work waits for me.  So does JoAnn's work, since she retired and her work became my work.  And the Republicans want state government to cut 15% of the work force.  Hahahaha.

No movement on the layoffs.  The Republicans met with the Governor to make another non-offer at compromise.   Unless they stop reciting the "no new taxes" mantra, this will be a long and expensive strike.  Why SHOULDN'T the ultra rich pay their fair share?  Why shouldn't they pay the same percentage in taxes as I do? Even the preparation for shut down is expensive and time consuming.  And wait until the 4th of July weekend when all the parks are closed . . .  That will be just the beginning.  Critical services are most likely to receive emergency funding, so the state patrol and the prison guards will be working.  There are quite a few essential services that need to be provided, but building roads is not one of them.

Josie gets her bandage off tonight.  She's been wonderful about leaving it alone, but will surely be glad to have it off!

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Helen said...

I like the Josaly Posaly bit. It reminds me of when my three-year old nephew had the measles. He lives in Ontario, and I sent him a picture of my Dal', Tornado, to show him 'Nado had spots, too. 'Tornado' was more than Andrew could pronounce, and it turned into 'Potato'. Ever since, I've called my boy 'Nado Potato'.