Friday, August 19, 2011

Economic Uncertainty?

Lucas and Sloan sleeping

"Wall Street Wrestles With Economic Uncertainty"  And so it continues.  Am glad I am not young, not beginning my working life and don't have small children.  It's a sad ugly world out there.

But on the home front things are fine, at least for now. My job is challenging but going well as we master various aspects of the new accounting system, we're all in apparently good health, Letty's leg seems to be healing well, and the pups are so cute.  Sometimes it's important to step back and think of the good stuff.  I try to be informed, but do NOT have news programs on very often any more as they drag me down.  Much better to listen to a good audio book.

Lots of puppy inquiries now and I wish I had more pups coming along, but I am going to need a break when we are done with this litter!  Although it's great fun, pups are SO MUCH WORK, at least if you are doing them right.

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