Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Little Time

Lucas Arbok

This blog may need to be written before I go to bed, at least for awhile, since the mornings are getting a bit hectic!  Puppy chores are taking up more time, especially since I end up playing with them whenever I go down to check on them.  Just too cute now!

Reebok has decided that she is does not want to spend the night with her pups.   The front of the puppy pen has been low enough to allow her to jump in and out, but tall enough to keep the pups in.  She would feed them at night, then jump out and sleep in a crate or a chair.  Now that Weather and Virgil have learned to climb over the low panels, the pen had to be changed, meaning that Reebok had to be shut in or out, but could no longer come and go as she wished.  When I shut her in last night she made it very clear that the new arrangement was NOT satisfactory, so I let her sleep in the kitchen and sent her down again this morning to feed the pups.  Because they had a meal of goats milk, eggs and turkey before bedtime, they slept through the night just fine.  I was planning to have the pups weaned off Reebok by six weeks, but is obviously ready to end things now.

Letty went in for x-rays on her leg yesterday, and to our relief nothing was broken.  We were concerned that growth plates might have been damaged which could result in a deformed leg, but it turned out to be a soft tissue injury.  Whew.  Letty handled everything perfectly, letting out a little squeak when she was placed on her back for x-rays, but was very brave and quite solemn about the whole process.  She rode to the vet's on a towel on my lap.  She's walking better all the time, but may end up with a limp.  Only time will tell.

Plans for the weekend include taking the pups out to my daughter's so we can get their 6 week pictures. Ron and I are not a good picture taking team, so fortunately Jess will be available, and I will have a chance to see Penny's pups.

New Champion Wills
We're celebrating Argus's newest champion son, Ch. Liberty's Phantom Menace, bred and shown by Vickie Mooney and owned by Laurie Shadle.  I saw the Argus/Ella litter at 6 weeks and Wills was my favorite pup, so it was gratifying to see him grow into such a handsome adult.  He finished quickly, with a really nice record. 

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