Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exploring With The Arboks

Weather learning to be a Bad Dog

Big day for the Arboks, as they got to come upstairs last night.  It's interesting to watch the various reactions to totally new situations, and this group was amazingly brave and adventurous.  All pups immediately started wagging and exploring, though Letty did a bit of stress whining - but was actually the most adventurous and kept slipping through the dog gate and in to the dining room.

Ron has not had much to do with the pups until now, but he really enjoys them once they come upstairs, and is a good puppy socializer.
That's Weather, Lucas and Sloan in back
After work today the pups will go outside for the first time.   I'll have to set up the temporary fencing to keep them out of the flower beds and away from the gates they can slip under.  Perhaps I'll just set up the large pen at first, but it's a lot more fun to watch the pups explore the yard.

Virgil killing the Dino
Jess came over to visit the pups yesterday and agreed that they were extremely pretty pups, really good cosmetics.  Weather has always been her favorite pup, but she particularly liked Lucas who is such a handsome guy.  

I'm torn as to my favorite.  Letty for spotting, Weather for structure, or Lucas for being so attractive.  Virgil is a little lightly spotted for my taste, but such a pretty pup, and Sloan is very cute and the most cuddly.  Wish Letty had his personality, but she's a bit more independent.  Four of the pups have Velcro personalities like Argus and Reebok, but Letty is a bit different and more inclined to do her own thing.

The Arboks are eating two meals a day now, one with milk & yogurt, one with ground turkey added.  Need to pick up something different for them tonight.  Tomorrow they can have a few chicken necks to practice using their teeth on something other than each other and their poor mother.  Reebok still feeds them, but spends little time with them otherwise.  Time for Dad Argus and Uncle Watson to take over the babysitting duties.

On Sunday I will pack the pups into a dog crate and meet Rosie in Albert Lea so she can see the pups.  She owns two of them and wants to have a look at the litter now and get an idea.  I suspect her favorite will be Weather, but we'll see.  She had actually wanted a liver boy from the litter.   Reebok co-operated by being liver-factored much to our surprise, but she got the color and sex mixed up on the puppies.

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