Thursday, August 11, 2011


Virgil enjoyed his first trip outside

Pups enjoyed their first trip outdoors yesterday.  They were all very brave about exploring, but didn't go too far away.  That won't last long though, so tonight I will set up some portable fencing to restrict their activities and to keep them out of the flower beds - or maybe not as I am tired of gardening by this time of the summer! 

Am chatting with a gentleman who has owned a number of part Paisley dogs in the past and is looking for a new puppy.  The timing may not be right for him as he wanted a pup later in the fall.  I suppose it's time to start thinking about puppy placements.  Already!  I had a number of reservations for pets, but most were for females or for livers, and I need a good pet home for a darling black-spotted boy.
Sloan continues to be the cuddliest pups

As is so often the case, the person at the top of my list for a pet male couldn't wait, found a puppy elsewhere, and never bothered to let me know.  I hope she bought responsibly, but I am afraid she may not have.  This was a first time dog owner who will need a lot of help, and I hope she bought from a person who will be able to provide it.  People never seem to understand that puppies are not something you buy on a whim, and that you get exactly what you pay for. 

I'm forever amazed at all the people who only want a female pup.  Having owned many Dals of both sexes over the years I have found males to be wonderful companions, and most of my favorite Dals have been boys.  Marla and Josie are very special, but in general I find the boys to be more devoted, more giving, more playful, and far more tuned in to me. 

If the pups were more completely weaned I would send Reebok home with Rosie this weekend, as she is very tired of pups and very bored here.  She feeds the pups grudgingly, but would rather be upstairs with the rest of us.  Rosie says her dam was the same way.  Some bitches would tend and nurse their pups for 3 months, while others think 1 month is more than enough!  Tonight I'll start walking Reebok again as she really needs something to do.  


Anonymous said...

Virgil is so sweetly cute. He looks just like a cuddly little stuffed animal!

Anonymous said...

I have only had 5 Dals of my own, but have fostered a couple of dozen, but I too have enjoyed my male Dals [3 vs 2 females].

Dawn said...

Yup there all so cute I think I like Virgil the best! I think boys are easy. having had 2 boys vs 5 girls. i would take a boy over a girl.